virtual reality rel-time rendering


Visualising complex datasets
Real-time and photo realistic rendering
Volumetric imaging
Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR, AR)

Earth Observation analysing visual datasets

Processing & Analysing

Real-time processing sensor data
Segmenting, classifying, and tracking
Earth Observation (EO)

big data parallel computing

HPC & Intelligence & Big Data

High Performance Computing (HPC)
Computational physics
Neural networks

bioinformatics medical data analysing


Medical image processing
Computational hematology
Molecular dynamics

Research & Development

What we do

We solve problems where others cannot, and we do it with brilliantly elegant and powerful solutions.

Research & Development

  • Visual Computing

  • Real-Time Processing

  • Big Data

  • Machine Learning

  • Bioinformatics

  • Automation

  • Prototyping

  • Troubleshooting

  • Project Management & Consulting

Who we are

Robert Sugar

Visual computing and AI scientist, entrepreneur, and futurist

Founder and CEO of Crocotta R&D

and his international team of scientists, engineers, creatives and managers

strengthened further by

  • British academia; excellent links with limitless supplies of expertise and support

  • Strategic European partners

  • Visiting scientists

How we stand out

High quality combined with high professionalism…

We make you stand out

  • With innovative solutions from the very edge of technology

  • By deploying academic level expertise to your business and processes

  • Still affordable and customisable for medium and small enterprises

We get there first

  • We are small, decentralised, therefore mobile and fast moving

Our clients

Public organisations like Space Agencies.

Industry with focus on medium and small enterprises.

We are having clients in manufacturing, surveillance, media and the games industry.