virtual reality


Visualising complex datasets
Real-time and photo realistic rendering
Volumetric imaging
Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR, AR)

Earth Observation

Processing & Analysing

Real-time processing sensor data
Segmenting, classifying, and tracking
Earth Observation (EO)

big data

HPC & Intelligence & Big Data

High Performance Computing (HPC)
Computational physics
Neural networks



Medical image processing
Computational hematology
Molecular dynamics


EDRS - the European Data Relay System

We delivered visualisations of the EDRS project to the European Space Agency (client).

ESA     Airbus Defence and Space


HemOcular Prototye

We prototyped an automated blood cell classifying system for Diagon.

Digital Entertainment


Story: the founders behind Crocotta R&D established Mithis Entertainment in 2002, a computer and video game developer company situated in the heart of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. From a small group of enthusiastic people, they became the biggest developer studio in Hungary by 2005 with 70+ professional developers. Mithis acomplished 4 "AAA" game titles (PC, Xbox) and various cellular games world-wide distributed by publishing giants like Vivendi-Universal and Eidos. The company was sold in parts in 2006.

We gathered our basic expertise in visual real-time computing while developing the rendering engines for the games. Parallel computing just started to become serious in those years with GPUs of 4 to 8 cores.

More at Robert's dedicated page...

High Performance Computing a.k.a. HPC

Fluid Dynamics

Large Volumetric Data

Real-time processing very large volumetric data, up to a quarter billion translucent voxels interacting non-stop on a single node of a distributed system.

Interpolation revisited

Spatial adaptive interpolation of general meta-shapes in real-time.