European Space Solutions Event and Conference

30 May 2016

The Hague

Developing the UK's Civil Space Strategy

23 May 2016


Participating the Developing the UK's Civil Space Strategy Conference in London chaired by Iain Wright MP, Vice-Chair, Parliamentary Space Committee and Chair, Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee.

Earth Observation and Spatial data for business Event

04 May 2016


Satellite Applications Catapult Event

16 Mar 2016


Aerospace Wales Forum Event

02 Mar 2016


Aerospace Wales Forum Event

10 Dec 2015


Innovation in Liberland

21 Oct 2015


Vit Jedlicka and Robert Sugar

The CEO of Crocotta R&D, Mr Robert Sugar, was pleased to meet the President of Liberland. They discussed possibilities of 3D visualisations of the results of the architectural competition.

Robert becomes an assessor of InnovateUK

02 Mar 2015



Robert becomes an assessor of InnovateUK. Innovate UK is the UK's innovation agency who works with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy.

Crocotta becomes a supplier of the European Space Agency (ESA)

14 Feb 2014

Harwell, Oxford

European Space Agency

We are delighted to announce our first assignment for the European Space Agency.

Visiting the MIB

18 Nov 2014


Crocotta R&D visited the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology (MIB).

Participating UK Science roundtable discussion

26 Jun 2014

Portcullis House, London

Organised by the Shadow Minister for Universities, Science and Skills Liam Byrne MP and the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE).

We were discussing the long term science strategy of the UK, that is an all parliamentary issue due to the long term aspect, till 2030 from Labour's point of view.

Corporate representatives as of Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, charity representatives as of Cancer Research UK, Wellcome Trust, and SMEs (represented by Crocotta R&D) attended the discussion.

Visiting the SCENTRO

15 Feb 2014


Crocotta R&D visited the newly estanlished robotics center of Sheffield the SCENTRO.

Presenting at the University of Sheffield

14 Feb 2014


Crocotta R&D presented the background technology that is required to realise Project Singularity, outlined the possibility of future collaboration with the University of Sheffield, and consulted Nvidia Research at Sheffield.

STFC IAA - Funding Awarded

14 Feb 2014


Durham University's panel have approved the joint application for funding of a feasibility study of large scale real-time fluid dynamic simulations on GPU clusters.

Presenting at Manchester University

14 Feb 2014


Crocotta R&D presented the background technology that is required to realise Project Singularity, and outlined the possibility of future collaboration with the institute.

Joining TIGA

18 Sep 2013


Crocotta R&D Limited joins TIGA. TIGA is the non-profit trade association representing the UK's games industry. Their members include independent games developers, in-house publisher-owned developers, outsourcing companies, technology businesses and universities.

Indian research initiative acquired by Cambridge based R&D company

24 Jun 2013


ExperInn Research, India's Silicon Valley (Bangalore) based research initiative, has been acquired by Crocotta R&D Limited.

ExperInn Research

Founded in August 2011 by Mr Chetankumar Gangadhar Shetty, ExperInn Research has received global recognition for its work on augmented reality, e-learning and interactive displays, conducting numerous research projects and publishing several research papers, as well as working on patents.

Recently, the initiative undertook a research project, which they named "Augmented reality based visualization of palm reflex points for palm based reflexology treatment", with the resulting product already in the packaging stage. Currently, the ExperInn Research team has been working on an invention called "Advanced Interactive Holographic Display Technology (AIHDT)".

The success of its projects has led ExperInn Research to be frequently approached by overseas companies and university students for augmented reality and interactive technology guidance, as well as solutions. Many university students are also involved in research projects under research internship programs. Mr Chetan was the sole director of ExperInn Research center, inside ExperInn Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. Previously working as the Founding CTO of ExperInn Solutions Pvt. Ltd., he decided to step down from the post and from the board, returning the entirety of his shares back to the company.

Following the board of director's acceptance on the 30th April 2013, the company was approached by Crocotta R&D Limited. - a company based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Founder and CEO of Crocotta, Mr Robert Sugar has stated that all pending research works will be continued at ExperInn Research.

Prior to founding Crocotta, Robart Sugar came to global fame in 2002 when he founded critically acclaimed games development company; Mithis Entertainment, as well as the IT outsourcing company, NAZKA. Mr Robert Sugar said that Crocotta decided to acquire ExperInn Research after being "impressed by its previous research works and achievements."

Joining CaSE

28 Feb 2013


Crocotta R&D Limited joins the Campaign fopr Science and Engineering (CaSE). CaSE is the leading independent advocate for science and engineering in the UK. Their mission is to raise the political profile of science and engineering.

Seminar at Bradford University

23 Oct 2012


Crocotta R&D gave a seminar about large scale volumetric rendering and simulation at Bradford University. We were delighted and honoured by the invitation, thank you very much.